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Oklahoma Court Records

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Muskogee County Arrest Records

In Muskogee County, arrests are legal steps for restraining and taking a person into custody. Law enforcement officers may arrest people if there's sufficient evidence of their involvement in a crime. Furthermore, they may conduct arrests to prevent a crime from occurring.

Law enforcement agencies record and make all arrest events available to public members. For instance, the Muskogee County police department maintains arrest records. Residents can obtain copies of Muskogee County arrest records by contacting these agencies. Muskogee County arrest records are also available in related public documents. Arrest information, like criminal charges and bail conditions, is available in inmate records. Muskogee County court records pertaining to criminal cases may contain arrest information.

Are Arrest Records Public in Muskogee County?

Under Oklahoma's Open Records Act, Muskogee County arrest records are classified as public documents. The state law defines government-generated documents as public records and allows record seekers to request records from designated agencies. In Muskogee County, law enforcement agencies are the designated providers of arrest records.

The state law also restricts access to certain arrest information. In most cases, the exempted document may violate privacy rights. For instance, law enforcement agencies will redact audio or video recordings that depict acts of severe violence or nudity.

Other exempt arrest records in Muskogee County include the following:

  • Expunged or sealed arrest records
  • Audio or video recording that reveals confidential information about the arresting officer, minors, or bystanders.
  • Arrest records that may reveal the crime victim's information.
  • Arrest information that may compromise an ongoing investigation or prosecution

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Per Section 24A.8 of the Oklahoma Open Records Act, public arrest records may include the following details:

  • The arrested person's description, including name, birth date, address, and physical features.
  • Arresting officer's name
  • Cause of arrest
  • A list of all incidents, including offense information, location, and a brief incident summary.
  • Arrest warrant information
  • Dispatch call logs concerning the arrest event.
  • Jail registers
  • Audio or video recordings of the arrest event

Muskogee County Crime Rate

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations, via the Statistical Analytics Center, collates crime reports from all local law enforcement agencies in Muskogee County. According to the center’s 2021 report, the county’s law enforcement agencies recorded 4,567 crimes and a crime rate 68.63 per 1,000. The report further revealed that Muskogee County reported 2,165 crimes against property, 1,602 crimes against persons, and 830 crimes against society.

Note: The report does not cover individual index crimes in Muskogee County. However, the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer report includes specific data for all crime types. Per the 2022 report, larceny thefts and aggravated assaults were the most recurring crimes at 986 and 327, respectively.

Muskogee County Arrest Statistics

As of May 2024, there was no specific arrest data for Muskogee County. However, the FBI Uniform Crime Report covers arrest statistics for Oklahoma. Per the UCR 2019 report, the state reported 100,758 arrests. Likewise, there are no statistics on incarceration rates in Muskogee County. However, the National Institute of Corrections maintains a statewide incarceration report for Oklahoma. According to the 2022 report, Oklahoma had 22,462 inmates housed in the state’s correctional facilities.

Find Muskogee County Arrest Records

In Muskogee County, record seekers can find arrest information in inmate records. Inmate records may contain the arrested person's name, mugshot, criminal charges, and bail conditions.

Record seekers can search Muskogee County inmate records using state or federal resources. For instance, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is a state-level custodian of inmate information. The agency maintains an online search portal for inmate information. To access inmate records on the portal, requesters must fill out the following search information:

  • DOC Number
  • Inmate's full name and birth date.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is an alternative option for viewing Muskogee arrest information. The agency's online search portal provides access to inmate records.

In contrast, you can obtain copies of police reports from the Muskogee County police department at:

220 State Street
Muskogee, OK 74401
Phone: (918) 683-8000

Free Arrest Record Search in Muskogee County

You can search arrest records for free through these government-owned resources:

  • Oklahoma’s Department of Corrections
  • Federal Bureau of Prison

In contrast, the Muskogee County police department keeps police reports concerning arrest events. You may obtain the record by contacting the department at (918) 683-8000.

Third-party search sites also allow free searches for arrest records. Requesters may also utilize the site to view related public records, such as inmate and criminal background checks. Nevertheless, the search sites are unregulated and may not feature complete arrest information.

Get Muskogee County Criminal Records

Muskogee County criminal records contain data on criminal convictions. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is the custodian of Muskogee County criminal records. As the record custodian, the agency provides online and offline access to criminal records. To get criminal records online, record seekers must utilize the OSBI’s search portal. Note that you must create an account to search records on the portal.

In contrast, record seekers can obtain criminal records offline through the following steps:

  1. Download, fill out, and print a criminal record request form
  2. For fingerprint-based searches, include a completed fingerprint card. Visit your local law enforcement agency to get fingerprinted.
  3. Include money order or check for mail-based requests. However, you can use cash or credit payment options for in-person requests. Name-based searches cost $15, while fingerprint-based requests cost $19.
  4. Send the required documents via mail or in person to:

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
6600 N. Harvey
Oklahoma City, OK 73116.

Muskogee County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Arrest and criminal records are not the same regarding content, record creation process, and their custodian agencies. Arrest records in Muskogee County are primarily under the purview of the county's law enforcement bodies. In contrast, state-level agencies maintain criminal records. For example, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation serves as the record custodian for criminal records.

The records’ contents are also different. Arrest records only contain information related to the arrest event; they don't feature conviction records. On the other hand, criminal records contain some arrest data and conviction details.

Arrest records do not indicate if the record subject is guilty of the offense. However, criminal records show enough evidence to convict the offender.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Muskogee County arrest records will remain on record unless the court expunges or seals them from public view. In some cases, the OSBI will automatically remove arrest records that are eligible for expungement.

Expunge Muskogee County Arrest Records

Per 22 OK Stat. § 19 (2023), you can expunge Muskogee County arrest records by filing a petition with the district court where the crime was recorded. The OSBI also files expungement petitions for eligible arrest records.

Who is eligible to expunge arrest records in Muskogee County?

Per 22 OK Stat § 18v2 (2023), only the following persons can expunge arrest records:

  • The person was wrongly arrested due to identity theft or misappropriation
  • The person was a minor at the time of the offense and already received a pardon.
  • The person was charged with a felony or misdemeanor, but the charges were dismissed.
  • The person has completed the sentence and has no pending felony or misdemeanor charges
  • The person has been acquitted
  • The appellate court reversed the judgment and dismissed the case
  • The person received a full pardon from the governor

How can I expunge arrest records in Muskogee County?

Per Section 18, you can expunge Muskogee arrest records by petitioning the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The petition must include your full name, social security number, birth date, arrest charges, arrest date, and outcome of the charges. If you are filing to expunge a domestic-related charge, you must include a police report that explains your relationship with the victim. Note that you can expunge multiple arrest charges with one petition.

Send the expungement form along with a $150 processing fee to the OSBI at:

6600 N. Harvey
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

For mail-in requests, include the processing fee as a money order or check.

The OSBI sends a list of eligible cases for expungement to the arresting and prosecuting agency every month. Within 45 days of receiving the list, the agencies can raise an objection to the request. If there are no objections, the OSBI will send the list to the district courts that handled the case. The court will review the list and send an expungement order to all agencies holding the records.

Muskogee County Arrest Warrants

Muskogee County arrest warrants are court orders that authorize arresting individuals suspected of committing a crime. The court judge or judicial officer issues a warrant upon receiving an affidavit or complaint from law enforcement officers. Officers may request an arrest warrant to restrain the subject's right to movement and to avoid civil or criminal liabilities that may arise due to the arrest.

Arrest warrants in Muskogee County may include the following details:

  • Record subject's name, physical attributes, birth date, and address
  • Document serial number
  • The arrest warrant issued date
  • Court judge's signature.

Muskogee County Arrest Warrant Search

There are multiple options for searching arrest warrants issued in Muskogee County. Record seekers can find these records at the sheriff's office or the court that issued the warrant.

Muskogee City’s municipal clerk also provides access to arrest warrants through an online search portal. To search for arrest warrants, record seekers must input the record subject's full name in the search box.

Do Muskogee County Arrest Warrants Expire?

Muskogee County arrest warrants do not expire unless law enforcement officers arrest the record subject. They also expire when a court judge cancels them.

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