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Oklahoma Court Records

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Muskogee County Court Records

The term "court record" encompasses all contents of a court file (Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules, Rule 1.33). It includes case party data, exhibits, motions, pleadings, executed warrants, reporter's notes, summonses, complaints, subpoenas, affidavits, receipts, recordings, orders, transcripts, and the entries on the appearance docket filed, used, created, and preserved with respect to a court's adjudicative function, regardless of format.

Court records in Muskogee County, Oklahoma, aid in case research. Attorneys and prosecutors may review previous cases and verdicts to prepare solid arguments, thus increasing their chances of winning the court or jury's favor. They are educational materials for anyone seeking to understand the law's evolution and applications.

Are Court Records Public in Muskogee County?

Yes. Under Oklahoma's Open Records Act, 51 O.S. §24A, members of the public can freely inspect or reproduce copies of the Muskogee County court records. However, certain restrictions apply.

Firstly, the Oklahoma Children's Code restricts access to juvenile court records, including child welfare, law enforcement, juvenile delinquency, psychological and medical, adoption and placement history, exhibits depicting child pornography, and other statutorily confidential records. Under the law, only designated persons, agencies, or parties with a court order can view and copy the documents.

Moreover, the court may seal a case record for good reason, particularly when a record's disclosure would jeopardize a fair justice process, endanger a person's life or safety, or constitute an unwarranted invasion of privacy. For example, Social Security, taxpayer identification, financial account, credit card, and driver's license numbers are not part of the public court record.

Finally, some court records are unavailable online but may be accessible at the court clerk's office (Rule 2.6, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals). Examples include the personal information of sitting jurors, exhibits that contain a crime victim's personal information, and the post-mortem photographs or videotapes of homicide victims.

Muskogee County Court Records Search

A Muskogee County court records search is a public inquiry for files or materials generated during a legal proceeding. Interested persons may look up the county's court records for several reasons, including criminal background checks or appeal procedures. Whatever the case, the following avenues are available:

  • The Muskogee County Clerk of the Court's office
  • Online portals provided by the Muskogee County Clerk of the Court
  • Third-party aggregator databases

Muskogee County Court Records Search by Name

To conduct a Muskogee County court records search by name, a requester must possess at least a defendant or plaintiff's first and last or company name. This search can be performed in person, via mail, or online.

The first point of call is to visit the courthouse where a case was filed. Anyone who visits the courthouse may request copies at a nominal fee. For example, the Muskogee County District Court charges $1 per page.

Alternatively, individuals can search for court records by name by utilizing a court's online case management system. For example, an inquirer can navigate to the Oklahoma Court's Network Docket (OSCN) database if searching for a county district court record. Meanwhile, someone looking up warrant records maintained by the Muskogee Municipal Court by name can access the court's online warrants portal.

Muskogee County Courts

The Muskogee County court system comprises a district court and several municipal courts, which comprise Judicial District 15 in Oklahoma. Below are the county's court addresses:

Muskogee County District Court
Muskogee County Courthouse
220 State Street
Muskogee, OK 74402
Phone: (918) 682-7873
Fax: (918) 684-1696


Municipal Courts in Muskogee County
Muskogee Municipal Court
112 South 3rd Street
Muskogee, OK 74401
Phone: (918) 680-3101
Fax: (918) 680-3190



Boynton Municipal Court
301 South Seaman Street
Boynton, OK 74422
Phone: (918) 472-7232



Braggs Municipal Court
109 West Patrick Avenue
Braggs, OK 74423
Phone: (918) 487-5952



Fort Gibson Municipal Court
200 West Poplar Street
Fort Gibson, OK 74434
Phone: (918) 478-3551



Haskell Municipal Court
1424 North Haskell Boulevard
Haskell, OK 74436
Phone: (918) 482-3933
Fax: (918) 482-3148



Porum Municipal Court
105 South Arkansas Street
Porum, OK 74455
Phone: (918) 484-2516



Warner Municipal Court
211 8th Street
Warner, OK 74469
Phone: (918) 463-2696



Webbers Falls Municipal Court
Webbers Falls Municipal Complex
Oklahoma Highway 100
Webbers Falls, OK 74470
Phone: (918) 464-2920

Muskogee County Superior Court Case Search

Muskogee County and the rest of Oklahoma counties do not operate a superior court system. Instead, the county's trial court system comprises district and municipal courts (which oversee general traffic, non-traffic, and parking infractions).

Anyone wishing to access court records in Muskogee may query the court that handled the case. These requests can be made in person, in writing, or online.

Muskogee County District Court Records

As the general trial court of jurisdiction in Muskogee County, the district court oversees most civil and criminal cases filed within the county. The court has multiple divisions that hear specific matters, including probate, juvenile, domestic relations, and small claims.

Members of the public can search for Muskogee County District Court records as follows:


Muskogee locals can visit the District Court Clerk's office (located on the 2nd Floor of the county courthouse) to inspect and make copies of court records. The court clerk is charged with preserving district court proceedings as permanent records.


The Oklahoma Judicial Branch provides on-demand court record access through the Oklahoma State Court's Network (OSCN) portal. Users can search with a case party's first and last name or the case number. Generally, the OSCN provides comprehensive case summaries, including case party names (defendant and plaintiff), filing date, case status, case number, case description, and a listing of case events.

Muskogee County Criminal Records

The Oklahoma Public Records Act mandates law enforcement agencies to grant public access to certain criminal records, including:

  • An arrestee's physical descriptors
  • Details of an arrest, including the name of the arresting officer and reason for the arrest
  • A comprehensive listing of arrest incidents, including offense report information, date and location of arrest, and summary of the events that occurred
  • Radio logs
  • Conviction information of persons sentenced for criminal offenses
  • Warrant dispositions and orders signed by a judge commanding the arrest of a named person
  • Agency crime summary
  • Jail registers
  • Audio and video recordings obtained from law enforcement vehicles

One place to obtain a Muskogee criminal record is the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). As the state's central repository for all criminal records, individuals may query the SBI for criminal history information. The SBI provides an online portal called the Criminal History Information Portal (CHIRP), which individuals can search by name (last, first) and date of birth. If known, a Social Security number or alias can be used.

Each name-based search on CHIRP costs $15. However, to use the portal, one must create an account.

Individuals unable to locate a record on CHIRP may submit a Criminal History Request via fax (405) 879-2503, in person, or by mail to the SBI (the mail must include a postage-paid envelope).


Physical/Mailing Address
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
6600 North Harvey
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116

Fingerprint-Based SBI Criminal Record Checks

Eligible individuals can also submit a request for fingerprint-based criminal record checks in person or via mail at the cost of $19 per search. The inquirer must visit the local sheriff or police department to sign and print fingerprint cards before submitting them to the SBI.

Anyone who has received a notice of rejection twice from the SBI must book their appointment with the Ten Print Unit via phone at (405) 848-6724. Typically, fingerprint-based checks require around four weeks for complete processing.

For more information regarding criminal record searches, individuals can peruse the SBI's FAQ section.

Muskogee County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Criminal court case records in Muskogee County are accessible through the respective court clerk's office. For example, individuals can visit the Oklahoma Court's Network Docket (OSCN) database to look at felony and misdemeanor proceedings, or they may access the Oklahoma State Courts Network's Docket System (see user guide) to look up felony and misdemeanor criminal court case events.

To use the docket system, requesters must specify the county, for instance, Muskogee County. Subsequently, they can input a case number or party name to generate matching case information. One may toggle the case type filter to narrow their search results by case type.

Anyone seeking a criminal court document may check the respective entry for a "Document Available at the Clerk's Office" tag to confirm a record's availability. However, some documents bearing the TIFF or PDF tag can be downloaded online.

Get Muskogee County Civil Court Records

The Muskogee County District Court adjudicates most civil cases filed in the county, such as small claims cases ($10,000 or less), breach of contract, interpleader, and replevin actions.

Individuals who wish to get a county civil court record from the district court can visit the Clerk's office on the 2nd Floor of the Muskogee County Courthouse. They may also reach the Clerk at (918) 682-7873 to verify in-person request procedures, confirm business hours, or check the availability of civil court records.

Alternatively, individuals can access the Oklahoma State Court Network's On-Demand Online Service or the Oklahoma State Court Network's Docket System with a party name or case number.

Muskogee County Family Court Records

Family court records encompass all documentary materials produced during domestic or family proceedings (cases involving families or children). These cases include adoption, domestic violence, paternity, child custody, dissolution of marriage, and name change.

Individuals can inspect Muskogee County family court records by querying the District Court Clerk's office. They may also explore the Oklahoma State Court Network's On-Demand Court Record System.

It is worth mentioning that certain family court records, such as those containing sensitive information about families or juveniles, are not publicly available. Such records may only be available to case parties and other legally authorized persons.

Muskogee Dissolution of Marriage Records

The District Court Clerk's office maintains Muskogee dissolution of marriage records. Individuals can inspect and obtain these records using request processes recommended for any other family court record.

That is, one can query the District County Court Clerk's Office for printed or electronic copies of a marriage dissolution record. One can also access the County Court Clerk's Online On-Demand System to view and obtain certified copies of dissolution of marriage records.

Muskogee County Marriage and Divorce Records

Members of the public can inspect and request certified copies of Muskogee County marriage and divorce records from the District Court Clerk's office. Below is the Clerk's address information for inquiries and requests:


Physical Address
200 State Street
2nd Floor
Muskogee, OK 74401
Phone: (918) 682-7873



Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1350,
Muskogee, OK, 74402

A person may also explore the OSCN's On-Demand Court Records System or Docket System to view marriage and divorce case information for free.

Muskogee County Birth and Death Records

Birth records verify an individual's age, identity, or citizenship. On the other hand, death records are useful for inheritance claims and other estate matters.

The Division of Vital Records of the Oklahoma State Department of Health maintains and disseminates birth and death records to members of the public. Per state law, the Division issues certified copies of birth and death records online to eligible persons. These include a record subject, a named parent, a spouse, or an attorney.

Such persons may send a written request by mail to the Division or explore services offered by the Division's online vendor. Each requester must provide a valid photo ID. Comprehensive ordering guidelines, including mailing addresses, are available on the Division's birth and death records pages.

Finally, one may explore the free, searchable index of deaths and births maintained by the Department of Health in Oklahoma. This search can be carried out with a record subject's name, gender, the county (e.g., Muskogee), and the birth or death event date.

Muskogee County Probate Court Records

Muskogee County does not have a separate probate court that handles probate matters, i.e., cases pertaining to mental health, estates of deceased individuals, trusts, guardianships for juveniles, conservatorship for incapacitated adults, and more. The county's district court hands all probate matters.

As such, people can query the District County Court Clerk's Office directly or utilize the OSCN's On-Demand Court Records System or Docket System to find Muskogee probate court records.

Muskogee County Property Records

Muskogee County property records include all documents related to real estate found in the county, including liens, deeds, releases, and mortgages. These records comprise the Muskogee County public records and are maintained and disseminated by the County Clerk.

People may access the Online Property Records Database on the County Clerk's website to view these records at no cost. Users have access to standard and advanced search options. Search parameters include:

  • Subject or business name
  • Book number
  • Instrument number
  • Recorded date
  • Legal description
  • Page number

However, certified copies of these property records may attract a nominal fee. For instance, obtaining certified copies of property records costs $1 per page.

Moreover, the online portal has a feature that allows individuals to monitor their properties and get notified when someone records a document in the county. Individuals may inquire further about property records by contacting the Clerk's Land Records office at (918) 682-7781.

In addition, people can access the property search tool on the Muskogee County's Property Assessor's Office website to find detailed property information. The office appraises real and personal property for ad valorem taxation. Property assessments, ownership, and sales details, among other information, may be viewed on the Assessor's online search portal. Individuals can also visit the office at 400 West Broadway, Room 210, Muskogee, OK 74401, or contact them at (918) 682-8781.

Muskogee County Court Records Online

Muskogee County Courts are the primary custodians of all court records maintained within the county. Nevertheless, people can leverage third-party alternatives to search Muskogee court records.

Several reliable third-party sites like Oklahomacourtrecords.us provide access to anyone who wishes to obtain copies of Muskogee County public records, including court, arrest, and property records.

Since these websites are privately owned, they are not geographically limited. This means one can search beyond the county's jurisdiction and other U.S. states. This makes the sites convenient tools for anyone who does not want to visit a courthouse or wants to cover a broader search range.

Typically, a third-party website will require a user to provide a record subject's first and last name to obtain court records. Most websites offer free searches. However, users must pay for advanced search results and printed reports. One downside is that records obtained from a third-party website are not considered official court records. Thus, people are advised to cross-examine the accuracy of the records they receive from third-party sources.

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